Body Bonitallc

"It's an hour of exercise that goes by so fast because it is fun! Body Bonita has become my church -- a community of good people that I look forward to seeing and connecting with every week!" ~Suzi

"Laura is the absolute best Zumba® Fitness instructor I have ever had. Over the past five years, I have taken multiple Zumba® Fitness classes in Boston and Los Angeles, and Laura’s class is easily the most fun and also the best workout. Her energy is unparalleled and so are her booty shaking abilities! While living in Boston, I took Laura’s Zumba® Fitness class for almost four years. She has definitely helped transform my fitness and health. Laura makes Zumba so welcoming for all levels of experience so definitely try her class. You will be hooked!"  ~Annie


​"Zumba® Fitness classes are always a great workout with Laura!  Laura brings warmth, happiness and wonderful energy to each class. Laura's enthusiasm is truly contagious.  Laura's choice of music and choreography are always engaging, and you feel the joy as you follow each step."  ~Pam

helping people discover their inner bonita (beauty) through exercise and self-care.