• I LOVE group exercise, and, most specifically, teaching Zumba® Fitness classes.  I am the happiest I ever am when instructing a class.
  • I am fluent in Spanish.
  • My favorite food is peanut butter.
  • My family is my life.

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Owner & Zumba® Fitness Instructor

​​​Laura rios Ruggiero, MPH

helping people discover their inner bonita (beauty) through exercise and self-care.

Health and fitness became a passion of mine back in 2007 when, exhausted with all aspects of my life, I decided to take the stairs, walk to school, jog, and even join a dance and yoga class.  As I began to use my body, I became shockingly aware of the physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion I had once accepted.  With each step, I became stronger.

As my strength grew, I decided to use my newfound energy to help others fight the sedentary life.  In August 2009 I became ZUMBA® Fitness certified.  Five months later, I started teaching my first class and have not stopped teaching since.  ZUMBA® Fitness, a dance-fitness program, opened my eyes to the power of exercise and its ability to impact and transform lives.

I have founded Body Bonita, LLC with the hope of providing a time and space for others to discover their inner strength, just as I did years ago.  I believe that through exercise and self-care, everyone has the ability to uncover and connect with their inner bonita (beauty) and live a healthy and happy life. 

Body Bonitallc